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Online Advertising

SEO (search engine optimization)

Enabling websites to appear in top ranks on search engines to further increase website’s traffic. It facilitates the process of users’ search for a specific brand.

Online PR

Promoting your services by doing all PR activities online. That can be through publishing press releases online or posting different blogs.

Opt in E-mails

When users chose to receive constant updates concerning a brand or product by registering to the newsletter.

Social Media Marketing

The usage of social media for marketing purposes such as Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc… This kind of marketing empowers and engages the user and gives your campaign a viral element enabling it for more exposure.


Full design and development of WebPages tailored specifically for the needs of each client.

Micro sites (landing page)

A mini website that’s developed to communicate a specific message. It is usually 1 or 2 webpages maximum. The best way to drive traffic to your micro site is by advertising for it through channels like online banners.

Mobile Advertising


Using the mobile medium to deliver text marketing messages to the specified target consumer through their all day long hand held device. Text messages can be in English or Arabic with certain character limitations.


Attracting consumers through multimedia messages that can include; a strong product visual, clear logo for branding, or a web/WAP site for user engagement and higher traffic. MMS’s can include up to 300kb of data and could be displayed in a slideshow format.

Mini Calls

A 1 minute audio message which can include a catchy jingle, an ad, or a direct message from a favored product.

WAP micro sites

“wireless application protocol,” mobile websites.

IVR 2020

Brands can interact with their customers though the IVR line and display their latest news, offers, promotions, etc… Vodafone users dial 2020 to hear information from their favored brands.

Retail Receipts

advertising on the back of store receipts can be a very effective channel specifically for branding campaigns. Placement of brand logos or a simple message can act as a constant reminder of the brands for users.

Our Services

  • Mobile Advertising
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Mini Call
  • PCM
  • WAP micro sites
  • Vodafone live banners
  • Online Advertising
  • Interactive Banners
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online PR
  • Opt-in –email
  • Social Networking
  • Campaign management

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