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Pointnour creates fully fledged digital campaign for al Kahera Wal Nas

tarek nour tv Pointnour created a fully fledged digital campaign for Al Kahera Wal Nas. Other than the traditional digital media which consisted of an sms campaigns, a website and online banners, a web 2.0 campaign for the channel was also done and managed by Pointnour. The web 2.0 campaign consisted of a Facebook group, a Twitter page and a You Tube channel.

The sms campaign targeted A and B Class males and females. It was mainly to invite the target audience to tune in to the channel and enjoy watching Ramadan’s boldest channel with all its interesting, exclusive content. The website included the daily program schedule, daily news highlights and videos. Banners for the popular shows and drama series on the channel were designed and located on high traffic websites that cater to the target group.

As for the web 2.0 campaign, the Facebook group contained basic information about the channel, recent news, discussions, videos, pictures and links to the website. The You Tube channel had video clips for the channel‘s fillers as well as highlights from the popular shows. As for the Twitter page it kept the fans updated on the status of the channel through the continuous tweets.

The campaign was managed by Point Nour Senior Account Executive Nora Alam El Din and Account Executive Shaima El Haddad, content was provided by Content Writer Nadia Hegazy, website and banner designs were made by Senior Web Designer Peter Mikhael and programming was by Senior Software Developer Mahmoud Mokhtar all under the supervision of Head of Digital Services Tarek Khalifa.

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